Founded in 1962


About the Club

The Golden State Rottweiler Club, California's oldest Rottweiler club, is focused on maintaining a standard of excellence by actively educating both novice and experienced Rottweiler owners, breeders, and fanciers

Upcoming Events

October 1, 2022

Industry Hills, CA

See Up Coming Event page for more local events. 


Conformation shows are one way to measure your dog against the standard by a certified judge. GSRC members are very active in showing dogs and our club is a wonderful place to start.


Carting is a large part of the Rottweiler's history. In some parts of the world Rottweiler carting is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. It is a fabulous bonding experience while keeping your dog doing what they were breed for, working.


Rottweilers are a highly intelligent breed and are ready to please and eager to work.  Obedience training and competition is a great way to keep them busy.


Herding is practically in the Rottweiler’s DNA. The protective/leading nature of Rottweilers make them born to lead. Rottweilers like to take charge and protect which is a quality all herding dogs must possess. 

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Reach out to the club if you have questions about the Rottweiler or if you have questions about joining. 

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