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We welcome all of those who are interested in joining the Golden State Rottweiler Club.  

If you simply want to join to learn more about the breed or if you are active with your Rottweiler and would like to participate in events and club activities.  ​

Come join in the fun or learn something new about the various activities our members enjoy doing with their Rottweilers. Make new friends, catch up with some old friends but most of all enjoy your dog(s)!

Membership has its privileges. 

GSRC CODE OF ETHICS (effective 04.24.93)

The Club shall further the objectives stated in its Constitution by requiring all members to subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:


Section A - Purpose: The purpose of this Code of Ethics shall be to maintain at all times a standard of excellence in the ownership, exhibiting, breeding and sales of the Rottweiler.  Disreputable or uninformed breeders may, by improper practices, produce physically, mentally, or temperamentally poor specimens to the detriment of the breed as a whole.  It is for this reason that a Code of Ethics be subscribed to by those who are concerned with maintaining the excellence of the Rottweiler breed, and that measures be taken to acquaint the general public with the contents of this Code of Ethics, so that they may not become innocent partners in improper breeding procedures.


Section B - Records: I agree to maintain accurate records of stock, matings, and pedigrees if I breed my bitch, use my male at stud, or sell any puppies or adult Rottweilers.  I further agree to register with The American Kennel Club all Rottweilers prior to the time they are used for breeding.


Section C - Breeding:

1. Emphasis shall be placed upon maintaining the working ability, temperament, and other outstanding qualities of character of this breed, as well as upon appearance. I agree to breed discriminatingly and only upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resultant puppies.  I understand and agree that to breed inadvisably may lead to over-population and contribute materially to the deterioration of the Rottweiler breed.  I agree that only those Rottweilers will be used for breeding which have been certified at or after two years of age by the OFA, which meet the official AKC Rottweiler Standard, and which have none of the disqualifying faults expressed therein (undershot; overshot; more than one missing tooth; long coat; any base color other than black - total absence of markings). I will further not breed any imported Rottweiler which has been denied breeding approval and/or had its breeding privilege or approval revoked within its country of origin. I will only breed any Rottweiler, or breed to any Rottweiler which has been tested and found to be free of canine brucellosis.


2. I agree that I will not use any Rottweiler for breeding which has the following faults:

          a) Monorchid (one testicle descended)

          b) Cryptorchid (neither testicle descended)

          c) Entropion (eyelids turning in)

          d) Ectropion (eyelids turning out)

          e) More than one missing tooth


3. As the owner of a bitch I will only breed healthy (disease free) mature bitches which have reached two years of age, are certified by the OFA, and which have none of the faults defined in Section C, 1 or 2 above. I will not breed to any stud that fails to meet these same requirements. I will not permit my bitch to produce litters in three consecutive seasons. I further agree to cull deformed puppies and those which deviate substantially from the official AKC Rottweiler Standard.


4. As the owner of a stud dog I will use at stud only healthy (disease free), mature dogs which have reached two years of age, are certified by the OFA, and which have none of the faults defined in Section C, 1 and 2 above. I will refuse stud service to any bitch that fails to meet these same requirements. I will allow one repeat service (upon the bitch's next season) when a bitch fails to conceive after having been bred to one of my studs - if the stud is in good health and available and at such time and place as mutually agreed to by the owner of the bitch and myself. I will discourage bitch owners from breeding unless they have the facilities, time, and resources to adequately care for a litter. I will refuse stud service to any bitch of whose owners I have knowledge that they wholesale their litters or sell to pet shops. I will not offer stud services as a prize in any raffle or auction.


Section D - Health:

1. I agree to maintain good standards of health and care for my Rottweilers, including proper veterinary care.  I agree to provide for my Rottweilers, at all ages, regular contact with people and exposure to the outside world for proper socialization.


2. Should I become aware of the maltreatment, misuse, or need for relocation of any Rottweiler, I will notify the Board of Directors and confirm such notification in writing.


Section E - Sales:

1. I will refuse to sell to dog wholesalers and retailers or to recommend breeders who do not conform to the obligations expressed in this Code of Ethics, or to sell or to buy in litter lots.  I will not donate a Rottweiler for raffle purposes.  I will refuse to sell to any home where I have reason to believe that a Rottweiler will not be properly cared for.


2. I will use a sales contract or written agreement with any sale or purchase involving a Rottweiler.  The contract/written agreement will clearly state to a buyer of a puppy or adult Rottweiler whether the sale is of a potentially breedable, showable, or non-showable (pet) dog.


3. I will not release puppies before they are seven weeks of age, and only with the full knowledge that they are healthy and have had proper inoculations for their age.


4. I will supply a complete history of the animal's health and medical care and a suggested schedule of inoculations and wormings to be taken to the buyer's veterinarian.  I will also offer feeding instructions and a three-day supply of food. I will supply registration papers for submittal to the American Kennel Club and a four-generation pedigree. Registration papers may be withheld when specified in the contract/written agreement.


5. I will urge buyers to socialize their Rottweilers, to provide formal obedience training, and to become members of the GSRC and/or MRC or CRC.


Section F - Advertising: I agree that my advertising, oral or written, shall be factual and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage the raising of purebred Rottweilers as attack dogs or as an easy-money scheme.


Section G - Sportsmanship: I will show good sportsmanship, whether wining or losing, in or out of the show ring.


Section H - Enforcement: I understand and agree that upon receipt of proof of violations of this Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors will proceed in accordance with Article VII of the Bylaws of the Golden State Rottweiler Club.


Section I - Special Circumstances: I further understand and agree that should I, through no fault of my own, be in violation of any of the aforementioned provisions, I shall have recourse to the Grievance Committee.